Minime 1.4

Minimize applications to the system tray


  • Saves space on toolbar
  • All minimized apps are organized in a menu


  • No configuration options


There are certain programs you have permanently running while using the PC but you don't really need to be checking all the time: your music player, your IM contacts list, your email client...

With Minime you can minimize all these apps to the system tray if they don't feature this option already, and save a lot of space on your Windows toolbar. Plus you'll be less distracted by other applications while working on the PC and you'll have all your minimized apps neatly organized in the Minime's context menu.

The good thing about Minime is that it doesn't create a separate icon for each minimized app in the System Tray – which would be a mess – but stores all minimized windows on its own menu. Whenever you want to restore any of them, or all at the same time, all you have to do is right click on Minime's icon.

Minime is one of those simple apps that can make your computer daily life a lot easier with just a small change.



Minime 1.4

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